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vehicle warranties

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Protection for your vehicle.

We offer the following

Mechanical Warranty

CFC offer mechanical warranties to cater as a financial protection in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure on your vehicle. Notwithstanding the age or mileage of your vehicle we have products to suite your specific needs. By taking one of our products you can simply get on with the essential and pleasurable usage of your asset without the ever looming anxiety of a failure and the often debilitating cost involved in repairs.

Tyre & Rim Warranty

Should a Tyre become irreparably damaged as a result of a cut, bruise, impact break or puncture, we shall pay the claim up to the insured value on a replacement tyre. Damage may be caused by Pot Holes, Bricks, Nails or Broken Glass or anything else.

Body Maintenance

The Body Maintenance Plan offers repair and maintenance solutions to ensure your car’s exterior stays in tiptop condition. Keeping your vehicle looking like new, maintains its value and makes it much easier to sell. All repair work are carried out professionally at a national network of approved auto body repair shops. No matter how careful you are, day-to-day driving inevitably causes wear and tear to your car’s exterior.

Cover is provided for;

– Bodywork repairs                    – Wheel rims and mag wheels

– Windscreen damage               – Tar removal


Interior Protect Plan provides complete cosmetic motoring peace of mind by providing for the repair to the interior of your vehicle caused by day to day motoring.

The Product is designed for the South African motorist who wishes to keep his vehicle in “show room” condition and at the same time protect this valued investment against depreciation



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